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Can your words help you to be attractive?

If you find that you have a hard time being smooth during a date, you may just have a hard time finding the right things to say or to talk about.

Most women love to talk and women, unlike men, never have a problem finding something to talk about.

One problem that men face is that they are not made the same way as women.

Men, more often than not, are quiet and sometimes shy.

Those that are not quiet or are not shy are usually the men who know how to talk and to hold a great conversation.

If you aren’t one of these types of guys, do not worry about it.

Those types of guys are hard to find.

If you do know someone that has an easy time conversing with women, ask them what gives them the confidence to do that.

Most guys do not have a problem sharing their secrets or their experiences of the opposite sex.

Do not be afraid to ask guys for dating advice.

If you have a hard time talking to another guy about your problems or about your dating situations, look at the tips below, maybe they can help you to learn to be a smooth talker!

Why should the conversation be attractive?

When you are trying to win someone over, especially someone of the opposite sex, it is important to try to break down any walls that might prevent you from doing that.

The best way to do this is by talking and having open conversations.

If you need help with women, then chances are that you need to work on your talking skills.

This goes mostly for guys that do not go out on a bunch of dates or for guys that are looking for more than “just a little action.”

Here are some great tips for having an attractive conversation.

Keep Her Mesmerized – Learning to be mesmerizing is something that comes very naturally.

This happens when someone’s mind focuses on one thing that is happening at the time.

When a person is completely focused on what they are doing, you have a much better chance of keeping their interest.

If you see that your date begins to get antsy or starts playing with their phone or their purse, chances are, that you are not having a very interesting conversation.

Don’t give up, just try a different way.

Make the Conversation Fun and Engaging

attract women dating tips

A conversation needs to be great for both people involved.

By allowing both parties to speak and to have part of the conversation, you are allowing the conversation to be engaging.

Make sure that you are willing to listen as much or even more than you are talking.

That allows your date to feel like he or she is interesting and that you are interested in what he or she has to say.

Make sure that your interest comes across as real and not pretend.

If you do this, at the end of the night, you and your date can both leave and feel like the date was successful.

What if I am bored with the conversation?

There are many times that people that are dating face a time when the conversation can be boring.

If you have a hard time finding anything interesting about what your date is saying, try to bring up something that is interesting to you.

If this works, then great, but if it doesn’t, try to keep changing topics until you both find the conversation to be fun and engaging.

Express How You Really Feel

If you are attracted to your date, do not hide it. Be honest with your date and with yourself.

If you want to be your date’s love, make sure that you show this with your words and with your body language, without being creepy or weird.

If you try to hide your feelings or act like you are not attracted to them, it might send negative or mixed signals.

If your date is attracted to you as well and you send mixed signals, he or she will not know what you are really wanting, and they may try to hide their feelings as well.

Some women are not all for the idea of having a one-night stand, while others feel that sex on a first date is great.

Either way, it is okay for you to stand up for what you want.

Being seductive means that you are expressing to the opposite sex what you want.  This is natural.

If you are seen as being too pushy or too fast, don’t worry about it.

This allows you to be open about your sexuality.

If you always are suppressing these feelings, then you will never get the woman that you are looking for.

Try to concentrate on your attraction and take a chance on being seductive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why attraction fades?

Attraction can fade for two reasons. There could be a loss of physical attraction, for example, if your partner gains too much weight and loses the physical shape that first attracted you to them. The second reason attraction can fade is if when a person’s emotional needs are no longer being satisfied.

Is sexual attraction important in a relationship?

Sexual attraction is very important in a relationship. It adds excitement, and humans crave excitement. As we get older, sexual attraction becomes less critical, and emotional satisfaction starts to drive us more.

Is sexual attraction biological?

Sexual attraction is all biological. Nature created man and woman to look for particular physical indicators of fertility and strength. Men are sexually attracted to women with a youthful, hourglass shape because she is probably fertile. Women are attracted to men with a muscular look because they can most likely impregnate her and defend her in a fight.

attract women dating tips

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