attract women dating tips

Once you get her, you want to keep her.

It’s critical that you know how to keep your girlfriend interested in and in love with you.

Whether or not you have a girlfriend or just plan to have one in the future, it’s key that you know the best ways to keep your girlfriend intrigued.

Keeping your girlfriend attracted comes with keeping your loving relationship healthy.

Make no mistake regarding it, the “game” never stops.

It’s always going to go on and you’re regularly going to need to try and keep the romantic relationship fresh.

The good news is that this isn’t a chore.

However, it’s a heck of a great deal of fun.

Here are effective ways to keep your girlfriend interested and keep your relationship entertaining, fresh and thrilling for the both of you.

How to Keep Your Girlfriend Attracted to You

1. Embark On Excursions Together.

Embarking on journeys together helps to enhance a romantic relationship in its beginning.

It also helps to keep your girlfriend interested after time goes on.

Travel with each other, try new things, take a training class together, discover the area that you both live in like a vacationer.

There are literally countless opportunities when it concerns going on adventures together.

If you 2 commit to trying to keep things fresh, you’ll each be creating things to do that will help with how to keep your girlfriend engaged.

2. Give Her Space to Want You.

A few sayings provide great advice. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is one of them.

You need to give your girlfriend space to want you. This suggests that if you really want to keep her fascinated that you can’t be around her constantly.

You have to have a bit of space and difference that’s going to make certain that she stays interested.

That little bit of space can go a long way– it could make all the difference on earth between her dropping interest and her chasing you around.

How to Keep a Woman Interested Long Term

3. Spend Stay-cations Together.

Real getaways fall under the rubric of “going on experiences.”

Another thing that you could do to keep your girlfriend attracted is take a stay-cation together.

What’s that?

Hitting up a very fancy hotel together and staying there for a night or three.

Create an event of it.

You wear a tuxedo, she puts on a gown, you two eat together in the hotel bistro, drink in the hotel bar, and indulge in everything that’s awesome about going away from home with none of the muss and fuss of actually traveling.

A stay-cation can literally save your relationship.

I’ve observed this happen before.

4. Try Out New Stuff in Bed.

attract women dating tips

Intimacy can get old as soon as you’re in a long-term relationship.

This is just a fact of life that everyone– women and men– must address.

Want to keep things brand-new with your girlfriend?

Try new things. Mention your fantasies, activities that you want to try, things that she really wants to try.

It gives you both a chance to spice things up, as they say, and keep her interested.

Worried about sharing your fantasies with your girlfriend?

Don’t be.

Odds are she has a good idea of what men have an interest in.

We live in a sexually liberated age and ladies are mindful of where the male mind goes.

Share with her and be willing to compromise.

That will keep her interested.

How to Keep a Girl Interested Long Distance

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Keeping your girlfriend pleased is a continuous activity.

You have to invest the effort week after week, month after month, and year after year.

It shouldn’t be a burden, but it can be a labor of love because it requires hard work, dedication, and sacrifice.

A relationship is no different to any other pursuit.

Success comes with regular effort and dedication over a substantial period of time.

Particularly when the honeymoon period ends, the need for hard work is higher.

The secret is to prioritize, plan and schedule time each week to develop your relationship.

It seems basic yet few people do it consistently.

It’s easy to overlook the needs of your relationship since they aren’t immediate or to hope that things will hum along perfectly on cruise control.

Complacency can get you into difficulty, so make certain you avoid it at all costs.

The key is to establish this routine of scheduling time and preserve it forever.

attract women dating tips

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